Friday, May 28, 2010

Video Game Review: Blur (Xbox 360)

Over the years, I had become disinterested in racing games because of the repetitiveness of them. The exceptions would be the Burnout Series, Mario Kart and Twisted Metal if you would count it as a racer. Mainly for reasons that you can cause chaos in the race that can affect the outcome.

So when I got an invitation to the beta, I looked up the game, liked what I read and gave it a try. I was certainly impressed with the beta so I hoped that the full game would be just as good which it was. The amount of chaos that is created with the various weapons is paramount, positions change in this game very rapidly so not one player can dominate the match. Their is also a mod shop that players can equip a three mod set to their vehicles before a multiplayer race starts. The mods typically alter handling/weight, weapon damage/resistance and how the track environment affects your vehicles. As you progress in multiplayer you gain access to vehicles, game modes, and mods. The progression system is well thought out, it's not just about winning it's also how you perform in the race. If you are constantly attack and defending yourself from other players your awarded Fans (Blur's version of XP). Simply put; the more fans you gain, the faster you move up in level. Fortunately the progression in single player and multiplayer are not linked. This is good for players that have no interest in single player campaigns and just want to plunge right into the multiplayer mayhem.

Overall Blur is a good solid change to an otherwise static game genre.

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