Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Robert Wenzel: Don't trust Rand Paul to be like Ron Paul

While many in the libertarian movement have disregarded Rand as another neocon who has no interest in abolishing statism. Some still want to carry idea that Rand is the best we have given that Ron is leaving congress. Robert Wenzel of Economic Policy Journal wants to set the record straight that no real libertarian worth his salt cannot support a statist like Rand.


An Open Letter to Libertarians: Don't Be Fooled By Rand Paul

Dear Libertarians,

There is a big difference between Ron Paul and Rand Paul that appears to be missed by many. Ron Paul was not hungry to be president of the United States. If he would have been hungry, he would have booted his grandson in-law and that entire gang out early on in the primaries when it was clear they were positioning themselves not to advance Ron Paul and liberty, but to advance their own  careers. Ron Paul just wasn't that hungry to do that and be president. He was satisfied getting the libertarian message out.

Rand Paul is different. It appears that he wants to be president. Wanting to be president changes a man, wherever they start off from.

Full Letter is here 

Tell me if you heard this one before.....

Mike Flynn of Breitbart has written up a piece stating the obvious in regards to Republican election failures. Nothing really new, just rehashing the same bullshit conservative excuses; "abandoning lesser government, etc".

He notes a few races that had Libertarian Party candidates and compares them to the Democratic victory margin. Surprisingly enough he doesn't use spoiler or the standard conservative charge directed at LP candidates of being "liberals in disguise". Then he goes into the all too familiar bullshit that conservatives and libertarians share the same values. Give me a break, as I have said in the past, conservatives are only against statism when they're not in charge of it. Most libertarians that I know of are well aware of this con game that has been going on for years.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Laurence Vance answers his Theocon critics

Those of us who read Vance's columns on are well aware of his constant slamming of the religious right for their support for the warfare state. He decided to take his time to write a piece addressing his most common and overall bad criticisms.

While I don't think Vance will ever change the minds of statist loving religious conservatives, he does provide excellent counters for libertarians who get into a "debate" with a theocon. 

Gun Rights, Peace, and Liberty by Darren Wolfe

Monday, November 12, 2012

Random Observations

When I do errands around my area I always see interesting bumper stickers. Today I saw this one;

Why I vote for Conservatives
The 10 Commandments

First of all I openly believe that organized religion is bullshit and a scam. At the very least Scientology is just a few hairs "honest" about their scam. For the record I'm technically a Catholic.

I usually get chuckles when I see conservative bumper stickers that invoke religion to promote their views. I didn't realize Jesus would approve of money stolen at government gun point to give to foreign nations, illegal government wiretaps, jailing without trial, military adventurism, torture and counterfeiting to name a few. But hey thats better than what liberals stand for right? Which in reality is the same thing.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Post 2012 Election Thoughts: Conservatives have no one to blame but themselves

To start off, yes I'm a cynic and I'm not ashamed of that despite what Lindsey Graham says. Another rigged contest (or what some of you like to call an election) has come and gone. The results are as predicted; statism had won but then again statism has been winning since FDR all that really has happened is that a different wing of statism takes the reigns of power in Washington D.C. This time liberal statism gets another four years instead of conservative statism getting their shot. Those who think that elections of one power hungry government stooge or another power hungry government stooge actually changes things are shocked at the results. To fair people would've been shocked regardless of who won.

 It's funny right after Obama got elected, conservatives called for a movement to oppose Obama's statism. Which in reality was a continuation of the statism that they approved of when the previous government stooge was in power but lets forget about silly facts like that. Little did they know (or chose to ignore) that the movement existed it was the Ron Paul movement, which gave birth to the real T.E.A. Party. Paul was an actual difference to the polices of Obama; free markets, free trade, nonintervention and actually shrinking the police state. One of my favorite Ron Paul bumper stickers that I saw read "Ron Paul cured my apathy". Many libertarians and Paul supporters are quite open of their view that the system is a sham.

Some of us thought that there was hope that there was going to be actual change for once. An actual man who walks the walk about liberty with the record that shows it. The treatment of Paul and libertarian supporters by conservatives and the Republican establishment showed that they weren't interested in liberty just statism with their brand sticker on it. So what did they do? They nominated a white version of Barack Obama; a warmongering, crony capitalist, statist with a disdain for civil liberties thrown in for good measure. Many libertarians and Paul supporters said throughout the campaign on what they would do if Paul was not the nominee. Some were going to support Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson, some weren't even going to vote but all agreed that there was no chance in hell that Mitt Romney was going to get one ounce of support from them.

Apparently this act of not bowing down to conservatives upset some of them. With the amount of road blocks third parties have to get on the ballot, conservatives decided to thrown in some more. The Pennsylvania Republican Party tried so hard  to keep Gary Johnson off the ballot. When that didn't work, they tried making pathetic cases on why libertarians should vote for the grandfather of Obamacare. Of course then there was the "A vote for Johnson is a vote for Obama" bullshit that was peddled around from various conservatives. Despite all of that libertarians refused to be intimated by punk conservative fear mongering and stuck to their principals. By either voted for Johnson or just stayed home and refused to participate in a rigged contest.

Of course with Obama coming out the victor the blame game started.

Theocons, Religious Rightists or whatever they call themselves these days will blame the gay rights movement or cry about God being kicked out of public schools. Of course not one word railing about getting the government of education in the first place. So then schools can decide what religious bullshit if any at all they teach to their students. Paleoconservatives and Buchanites will join their theocon brothers and sisters with the same complains but then also add immigration to the mix. In addition of throwing some racial nationalism into the mix as well. You know when they say that they support a color blind society but then go full retard when some report comes out that white people will be the minority twenty years down the road. It's kinda hard for neoconservatives to be completely bummed out. Obama is still gun-ho with the whole sham that is the war on terror. He's still drone attacking Muslim countries and it's only a matter of time before he enters Syria and then into Iran. The only complaint that neoconservatives would actual have with Obama is that he doesn't kiss Israel's ass enough which in reality is splitting hairs.

Conservatives who want to blame libertarians for Obama's victory go right ahead but in reality you should be looking right in the mirror. Conservatives where the ones who put a statist on a pedestal and then tried to shove him down libertarian throats NOT the other way around. Will they learn that libertarians (who still vote) won't cast their ballot for those who violate their principals? I strongly doubt it, I see an instant cure for baldness before that will happen.