Monday, December 22, 2008

Close night for NY football

It seemed that all hope was lost for NY to make it to the playoffs. Both teams had done very badly in the last three weeks. The Jets had a two game losing streak until last week but the victory was more contributed the careless mistakes made by the Bills rather than the Jets actually playing well. The Giants were on a three game loosing streak. They were making basic mistakes unheard of for the Giants.

The Jets lost badly to the Seahawks 3 to 13 making their record 9 and 6. They were in a three way tie for the division with the Patriots and the Dolphins and both teams won their games so the chances of the Jets making it to the playoffs is slim to nil. It's really sad because I had very high hopes when the Jets signed Bret Farve as their quarterback but as I have seen he has not delivered.

The Giants were lucky to still have their division thanks to the Cowboys losing their game last week. Last night it seemed that the Giants' up hill climb was going to get worse when the Panthers were leading 28 to 20. It wasn't until the last five minutes of the game that the Giants were able to tie up the game and hold up the Panthers offense to bring the game into over time. The Giants were on their third attempt at a first down and it seemed that the Panthers were going to get the ball until Derrick Ward was able to rush the ball to the two yard line. Then Brandon Jacobs was able to power through for the touchdown. The Giants had officially clinched their division last night and hopefully the Giants have gotten their act together and can once again head to playoffs and then the Super Bowl.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Caroline Kennedy to replace Hillary as Senator: Starpower over substance?

Much noise is being made in Albany in who will replace Hillary Clinton as Senator of NY. In NY, the State Constitution states that the Governor hand picks the replacement. One name that has come up is Caroline Kennedy, the only surviving child of John (JFK) and Jackie Kennedy. Niece to Ted "One drink too many" Kennedy. Since this is my state I had to check it out and to my "surprise" this woman has nothing in regards to public service. All I was able to find that Caroline has worked in various charities and she spends most of her time in Washington DC while her official residence is in NY state.

Now some people have said that I demand too much out of my leadership and that the politicians I want in office are unrealistic. While true in today's modern political climate but at the very least I want my leadership to be at least 80% in line with my views. One qualification that is a must with me when it comes to national office is experience. Does this person have any experience in the public sector at all. I typically only reserve this for national elections (House, Senate, Presidency). If you are going to represent me and my state on the national stage I want someone that knows what they are doing. Caroline Kennedy is only being whispered by the Albany elites because of her last name being Kennedy. She has nothing accomplished in regards to public service or holding any sort of public office. What has Caroline Kennedy done to deserve the Senate seat? I'm going to go with nothing. I am really hoping Governor Patterson is thinking long and hard about who he will appoint to fill Hillary's Senate seat. Patterson's reelection chances in my opinion will bank on how he handles the states' budge problem and who he picks as Hillary's replacement.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Keystone Cops a.k.a The New York State Government

Albany once again shows how much our lawmakers care when the state is facing a crisis. Governor Patterson has called on Albany to come up with proposals to address the state's budge crisis and looming deficit by November 18th. In typical Albany fashion the Democratic controlled Assembly and the Republican controlled Senate have said that they won't have anything ready by Governor Patterson's deadline. I have to giver credit to Governor Patterson in proposing cutting the budget by $2 billion even though both sides are balking at it. Albany needs to get it's head out of its ass and realize that if cuts aren't made the state is going to be in huge trouble.

The article is here

Barack Obama has been elected President

Well Obama has done it, he got himself elected President of the United States. As much as I don't like Obama and his very liberal policies I must give the devil his due.

As Obama starts to build his cabinet he should also be prepared that those who disagree with him will be calling him out on every turn. As the Democrats and Liberals did to Bush, the Republicans, Conservatives and Libertarians will do to him and the Democratically controlled Congress. I would hope that with the current economic situation, Obama will realize that it would be very difficult to implament alot of his programs but of course this is just wishful thinking on my part.

Monday, October 27, 2008

All of your 401k are belong to us

So according to this story, the House Democrats are intrigued by an idea of nixing the tax breaks people get for having 401ks and diverting some of that money into the Social Security trust fund. Most people (myself included) that have 401ks have them because they want to manage their own money and most likely know Social Security is going to be destroyed or at least in very bad shape by the time they reach retirement age.

The fact that they try to paint this as a "help everyone save" pisses me off even more. Here's an idea Democrats; how about nixing social security all together and let people control their own money. To my understanding social security in it's current state is not collecting for my generation (generation Y) of workers but we are currently supporting those in retirement already. One issue I hear raised time and again is when the massive influx of Baby Boomers that retire happens it will choke the system as those see that there aren't enough workers to sustain such an influx. God help our seniors when that happens.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

When in doubt point the finger

Ever notice whenever something really tragic and serious goes down political partisans are quick to point the finger at their opposition? We saw it during 9/11, various school shootings, the bridge collapsing in Minnesota, etc. Now that the economy is very shaky at this point, the partisan Liberals have decided to point their cross hairs on the Free Market and Libertarianism. This article at . This cat claims that Libertarianism caused all this mess when in fact it was liberal economics and business killing government policies that caused this. Granted some in the business community got stupid and made bad bets but when the government strong arms them to follow stupid policies they can only be blamed for a certain amount. Of course Weisberg has the solution: Surprise More Government intervention that's the only answer we get from the economic left expand government, let government take care of it and such. You would think after the massive amount of failures Washington has had over the course of these last eight years and beyond the economic left would be shrinking more and more but guess not.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Iranian paranoia is funny

Further proof that "We have nothing to hide" rehtoric is nothing but bullshit. In article below Iranian Security forces have arrested a couple of "Spy Pigeons". I'm willing to bet about within a weeks time we will here American agents are in Iran cries.

Channelling the ghost of Joe McCarthy

Michele Bachmann a Republican from Minnesota was on Hardball with Chris Matthews on Friday, and Obama was brought up. In typical partisan fashion she attack Obama's patriotism yea whatever but what was said later rose a red flag. She said that investigations should be called in order to determine who is quote "pro-American" and "anti-American". For anyone that has read or seen 1984 this reeks of nothing but Thought Control for a sitting US Congresswoman to even suggest such a Unconstitutional practice is completely disgusting. As it currently stands now her Democratic opponent El Tinklenberg has raked in at least 400k in donations because of people who have experience McCarthyism first hand and drew a scary parallel. Its Republicans like her that made me leave the Republican Party and become a Libertarian. If you are looking for the video here it is;