Tuesday, October 21, 2008

When in doubt point the finger

Ever notice whenever something really tragic and serious goes down political partisans are quick to point the finger at their opposition? We saw it during 9/11, various school shootings, the bridge collapsing in Minnesota, etc. Now that the economy is very shaky at this point, the partisan Liberals have decided to point their cross hairs on the Free Market and Libertarianism. This article at Slate.com . This cat claims that Libertarianism caused all this mess when in fact it was liberal economics and business killing government policies that caused this. Granted some in the business community got stupid and made bad bets but when the government strong arms them to follow stupid policies they can only be blamed for a certain amount. Of course Weisberg has the solution: Surprise More Government intervention that's the only answer we get from the economic left expand government, let government take care of it and such. You would think after the massive amount of failures Washington has had over the course of these last eight years and beyond the economic left would be shrinking more and more but guess not.

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