Monday, January 18, 2010

Dr. King would be turning in his grave

On January 18 the country observes Martin Luther King Jr day. MLK, the central figure in the Civil Rights Movement which fought for all to be equal under the US Constitution. Dr. King’s famous “I have a Dream” speech is to be considered one of the best speeches in the 20th century in regards to liberty. Unfortunately for Dr. King he would be turning in his grave if he saw the country he loved in its current state.

Like a moth to a flame the politicization of Dr. King and his legacy is always expected. Liberals like Jesse Jackson (who was once apart of Dr. King’s inner circle) and Al Sharpton have used his legacy to enrich themselves and their allies. While all the while supporting candidates and policies that are counter to what Dr. King fought for. Programs like Affirmative Action were probably necessary in that time period (don’t know since I didn’t live in that era) but in modern times where people like David Duke and Neo-Nazis are regarded as pathetic extremists by most rational thinking people such programs are no longer needed. To the credit of Liberals however it was Liberal Democrats and Liberal Republicans who got the Civil Rights Act passed which as we know was signed by Liberal President Johnson.

Then of course there are Conservatives who try to claim Dr. King’s legacy for themselves. Not all of them of course, Paleoconservatives to this day still attempt to paint Dr. King as a Communist and believe that racism is a Liberal concept that doesn’t really exist. Yes Dr. King was a Republican, but not in the Republican mold of Rush Limbaugh, Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney. King’s views on war and civil liberties would clearly place him in the camps of Barry Goldwater, Ron Paul and Gary Johnson. Like Albert Einstein, Dr. King was no Conservative; he was a Libertarian at heart.

Dr. King wouldn’t have supported the war in Iraq and probably would’ve started asking questions about Afghanistan’s current situation. I can picture a facepalm on Dr. King’s face if he saw the whole ordeal in how President Obama was treated with kid gloves by his supporters in the news media and likewise the treatment he got from the opposition in how he was and still compared to Adolf Hitler. He wouldn’t have approved the forced integration either. Has Dr. King’s dream been fully achieved? I would say about 80% but that 20% isn’t up to the Government it’s up to individual people.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Current State of New York's 2010 Picture

2010 is upon us and New York has a chance to clean the slate. The Governor’s Mansion and both Senate seats are up for grabs. Not only do the three seats have challenges from opposing parties but there seems to be trouble in paradise in the New York Democratic Party as well.

Chuck Schumer

Not much noise has been made from any of the opposition parties in regards to taking on New York’s top Democrat but there is a rumbling from within the party. In enter Randy Credico a comedian turn political activist. Credico comparing Schumer and the state party to Boss Tweed and Tammany Hall, the Democratic Party political machine in New York City that ran the show from 1790 to 1960. Credico as far as I know is the only Democrat in New York to call Schumer for what he really is a Neocon in disguise. Credico’s positions range from being Anti-Patriot Act, War on Drugs to Pro-Second Amendment and Fiscal Sanity. Positions like this put him the Blue Dog category, and in my opinion possibly a Ron Paul Democrat. One has to wonder; this guy is a politician? Unofficial rumors circulating among the New York Libertarian Party is that Credico may seek the Libertarian Party and possibly Independence Party lines due to New York’s electoral fusion system.

Kristen Gillibrand

Gillibrand was never a favorite among NY Democratic leadership with her positions on guns, taxes and illegal immigration. The day Governor Paterson appointed her to the Senate the jeers began from liberal leaders contesting that she’s a Republican in disguise. Gillibrand won her election against John Sweeney in the 20th congressional district due to her Blue Dog views. Not too long after the appointment Carolyn McCarthy became heavily speculated in challenging her but decided ultimately to drop out and support her election instead. My personal guess would because Gillibrand has voted for the debacle that is being touted as a “health care” bill.

Two Democratic challengers have stepped up to the plate though; Populist Dr Scott Noren from Ithaca and Liberal Jonathan Tasini who was one Hillary Clinton’s primary opponents in the 2006 election. A third possible challenge in the name of Harold Ford Jr a Blue Dog Democrat may come into the Democratic bag. Ford’s positions currently put him to the right of Gillibrand. Ford is currently being accused of being a carpetbagger and rightfully so. Republicans at this time do not have any official declared candidates while many speculating that Former Governor George Pataki may give it a go. Currently the Libertarian, Conservative, Green, nor Independence Parties have announced any challenges to Gillibrand.

David Paterson

After taking the reigns when Eliot Spitzer decided to have some happy time and get caught the budget crisis reared its ugly head. It seemed that early on Paterson made a turn to the right in regards to fiscal policy but even the well intentioned Paterson couldn’t overcome the schoolyard fighting that is Albany. As it stands now we were able to stay afloat after Christmas when reports came out that the state would’ve been broke by then. Due to fears from National and Local Democrats that Paterson running for a full term would end up losing the Governor’s Mansion many have urged Paterson not to run including President Obama. In addition when he appointed Gillibrand to the Senate many Democratic feathers were ruffled as well.

Currently the only speculated primary challenge Paterson may face would be Attorney General Andrew Cuomo who is also the son of Former NY Governor Mario Cuomo. On the Republican side Rick Lazio is only one who has officially entered his hat into the ring. His website doesn’t state much on the issues, fellow Libertarians have told me that he is just a male version of Clinton. Eric County Executive Chris Collins is considering a run and is believed to make his decision this month. The Libertarian Party currently has two candidates vying for the nomination Criminal Defense and Personal Injury Attorney Warren Redlich and DVD and Book publisher Sam Sloan. Alison Duncan who ran for Lieutenant Governor in 2006 as a Green recently lashed out at Paterson for being tied to corporate interests and doing nothing he and Eliot Spitzer campaigned for back in the 2006 election. It is unknown if she will try to run for the top spot this time around.

It’s early in the election season so anything can happen I will try to keep everyone posted on who does what in what race. Hopefully 2010 will be year New York can start cleaning up the mess that is Albany.