Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Another Neoconservative in Libertarian Clothing

The debate on how close former 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential Candidate Wayne Allyn Root has gotten to Neoconservatives has been on and off. Some say that he is compromising Libertarian principals by suggesting alliances with those who were are enemies in the Bush Administration others say that in order to get our principals into the mainstream we have to work with them whether we like it or not. If there was another reason why NOT to work with statist conservatives and neoconservatives, Root just gave us another one with his opinion on the New York City Mosque issue;

Does "religious freedom" mean hate groups should build statues to Hitler in front of Jewish temples in America? Should Americans raise money to build Jewish temples and Christian churches at Mecca? Should Japan build a statue to the bravery of their pilots at Pearl Harbor? Should the U.S. build a statue to the bravery of our pilots at the site of Hiroshima? Aren’t those examples all about “freedom of expression,”
"religious freedom" and property rights? Perhaps, but is it too much to ask for a little consideration and respect toward others?

This proposed building of a mosque on hallowed ground is an ATROSITY towards America. To build a celebration of Islam within steps of 9/11 does nothing to increase religious inspires hatred, divides our cultures, and increases the odds of violence and hate crimes. Common sense suggests this mosque, being built in this specific location, is NOT being built as a sign of friendship between Muslims and Americans...but rather as a sign of the lack of respect...a belief in
our weakness...and an attempt to embarrass and belittle us. The financial district of Manhattan is not a residential area with a large number of Muslim residents for the mosque to serve. Therefore common sense suggests that the only possible reason to build it there (rather than in Brooklyn or Queens where there are large Muslim populations) is to show Muslim contempt for Americans by building a monument to Islam in the shadow of the site of their greatest triumph over America.

Notice how he takes the same route as Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich which is emotion with no facts. Which is a tactic of the left, facts be dammed lets just get people riled up. Interesting enough is a favored tactic of radical liberal Saul Alinsky.

Kissing up the Neoconservatives and their ilk was never a good idea in my opinion and Root's disregard for the First Amendment is sickening. Part of being a Libertarian is that you don't compromise on liberty and Root is doing just that in order to get his pat on the head from the statist right and other fake Libertarians like Neal Boortz. It's another reason I'm glad he was never elected Libertarian Party Chair. The other question remains will he actively oppose Warren Redlich who is the Libertarian candidate for New York Governor, who has supported the construction of the Mosque.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Britain Gets It!

After years of failure and meritocracy, the British have decided to let the free market try itself out in the Health Care Industry. This deals a huge blow to the left which frequently sites Europe as a model the US should follow. It's sad how Socialist Europe is starting to get it before the oligarchs in Washington do.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

NY Gubernatorial Candidate Comes Out in Support of Liberty

It looks like the Ground Zero Mosque controversy may be used as a hot button issue in order to determine who sits in the Governor's mansion in Albany. Three candidates have thrown their opinions; Democratic Candidate Andrew Cuomo came out in support of it citing religious freedom (although in reality he is just doing the opposite of what his opponent says), Republican Candidate Carl Paladino who is also attempting to create a Tea Party line has come out saying that he will use Eminent Domain aka the Jackboot of the State in order to prevent construction. Libertarian/Republican Candidate Warren Redlich has condemned Paladino for blatantly disrespecting private property rights and the First Amendment.

New York City along with the rest of the state has a long history of Eminent Domain abuse. Paladino seems to hope that the people of New York City and the state for that matter forget that in the name of conservative knee-jerk reactions. Private property is one of the corner stones that makes the United States great and Paladino wants to step on that in order to show that he is "tough on terror"and appease busy body conservatives. People may not like the idea of a Mosque up but until someone comes up with ironclad proof that the land for the Mosque was obtained illegally all they can do is complain. It also shows how neoconservatives and their allies can be as political correct as the liberals that they rail against. Redlich deserves praise for being the bigger man and the Constitutionalist in this fight.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Neoconservative Infighting

Well it's been a long while since Ann Coulter made any buzz so she decides to join the fray after Micheal Steele's Biden-esque gaff on Afghanistan. Here is a tidbit on her World Net Daily column:

But now I hear it is the official policy of the Republican Party to be for all wars, irrespective of our national interest. What if Obama decides to invade England because he’s still ticked off about that Churchill bust? Can Michael Steele and I object to that? Or would that demoralize the troops? Our troops are the most magnificent in the world, but they’re not the ones setting military policy. The president is – and he’s basing his war strategy on the chants of cretins. Nonetheless, Bill Kristol and Liz Cheney have demanded that Steele resign as head of the RNC for saying Afghanistan is now Obama’s war – and a badly thought-out one at that. (Didn’t liberals warn us that neoconservatives want permanent war?) I thought the irreducible requirements of Republicanism were being for life, small government and a strong national defense, but I guess permanent war is on the platter now, too. Of course, if Kristol is writing the rules for being a Republican, we’re all going to have to get on board for amnesty and a “National Greatness Project,” too – other Kristol ideas for the Republican Party. Also, John McCain. Kristol was an early backer of McCain for president – and look how great that turned out! Inasmuch as demanding resignations is another new Republican position, here’s mine: Bill Kristol and Liz Cheney must resign immediately.

One might think that Coulter is turning the corner and may start embracing Ron Paul's ideas but in reality she is trying to find something to remain relevant. Liz Cheney and Sarah Palin have stolen her spotlight as it seems. Like how during the Bush years Pat Buchanan was widely irrelevant until illegal/legal immigration came up as a front issue which has been his issue since his presidential campaigns during the 90s. sums the noninterventionist reaction to her quite nicely

Cockerill asks if Coulter’s outcry “is progress or mere partisanship? Time will tell.” My gut is this is Ann lashing out at the enemy in her own Long War against the conservative elite at the Weekly Standard and National Review. It is Ann making sure that Obama completely owns the disaster in Afghanistan by rewriting current and past history on a fourth grade reading level. It is Ann making sure we don’t forget she is still around and is one tough broad.

But it is not a step forward, but a shuffle in place, her stilettos still kicking out at the usual “cretins” in her universe, a place where Bush is Popeye and Obama is Olive Oyl, and where Coulter spits, “no grass grows, ever.”

Granted I don't see any toughness in Coulter (or for that matter Malkin, Ingram, and other neoconservative women) who's entire shtick is to complain about the complainers. Same would go for the major women in liberal circles Rhodes, Maddow, Miller, etc. Get back to me when the warmongers fight in the wars they advocate instead of just screaming their heads off with the right talking points when they're out of power.