Thursday, July 22, 2010

NY Gubernatorial Candidate Comes Out in Support of Liberty

It looks like the Ground Zero Mosque controversy may be used as a hot button issue in order to determine who sits in the Governor's mansion in Albany. Three candidates have thrown their opinions; Democratic Candidate Andrew Cuomo came out in support of it citing religious freedom (although in reality he is just doing the opposite of what his opponent says), Republican Candidate Carl Paladino who is also attempting to create a Tea Party line has come out saying that he will use Eminent Domain aka the Jackboot of the State in order to prevent construction. Libertarian/Republican Candidate Warren Redlich has condemned Paladino for blatantly disrespecting private property rights and the First Amendment.

New York City along with the rest of the state has a long history of Eminent Domain abuse. Paladino seems to hope that the people of New York City and the state for that matter forget that in the name of conservative knee-jerk reactions. Private property is one of the corner stones that makes the United States great and Paladino wants to step on that in order to show that he is "tough on terror"and appease busy body conservatives. People may not like the idea of a Mosque up but until someone comes up with ironclad proof that the land for the Mosque was obtained illegally all they can do is complain. It also shows how neoconservatives and their allies can be as political correct as the liberals that they rail against. Redlich deserves praise for being the bigger man and the Constitutionalist in this fight.

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