Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Reason Magazine selling out?

This isn't the first time someone from Reason has insulted Ron Paul in order to appeal to others. They have in the past have attempted to court Paleoconservatives (who openly hate Libertarians more than their Neoconservative brothers do) on regards to immigration. In the past I never got the fight between the Reason crowd and the Lew crowd but it's begining to make alot more sense now.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Is Michelle Bachmann the only serious Neocon threat to Ron Paul?

With her taking the Ames straw poll and Dr. Paul coming in second the question has to be asked. It's probably too early but she is the prime neocon taking the majority of the left's attacks, especially with Palin seemingly fading away as Ms. Neocon but only time will tell with her. It was also nice to see that the poll has already sunk one neocon by the name of Tim Pawlenty, granted he wasn't much of a threat to Paul anyway. Oh and if you want to laugh here is some nice neocon worship artwork of Bachmann from the National Review. I would put that on par with the Obama Hope signs that popped up during his campaign and alongside those who consider Pat Buchanan a beacon of liberty.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

NJ Governor Chris Christie stands up to Neocon fear mongering

Neocons never met a Muslim they didn't like and were looking to make New Jersey the latest battleground against Muslims in public service positions. Christie tells neocons how he really feels about it.

No doubt he will be on their "politically correct traitors" list for making this statement, even though he has been universal praised by conservatives and some libertarians on his work on fiscal issues.