Thursday, December 11, 2008

Caroline Kennedy to replace Hillary as Senator: Starpower over substance?

Much noise is being made in Albany in who will replace Hillary Clinton as Senator of NY. In NY, the State Constitution states that the Governor hand picks the replacement. One name that has come up is Caroline Kennedy, the only surviving child of John (JFK) and Jackie Kennedy. Niece to Ted "One drink too many" Kennedy. Since this is my state I had to check it out and to my "surprise" this woman has nothing in regards to public service. All I was able to find that Caroline has worked in various charities and she spends most of her time in Washington DC while her official residence is in NY state.

Now some people have said that I demand too much out of my leadership and that the politicians I want in office are unrealistic. While true in today's modern political climate but at the very least I want my leadership to be at least 80% in line with my views. One qualification that is a must with me when it comes to national office is experience. Does this person have any experience in the public sector at all. I typically only reserve this for national elections (House, Senate, Presidency). If you are going to represent me and my state on the national stage I want someone that knows what they are doing. Caroline Kennedy is only being whispered by the Albany elites because of her last name being Kennedy. She has nothing accomplished in regards to public service or holding any sort of public office. What has Caroline Kennedy done to deserve the Senate seat? I'm going to go with nothing. I am really hoping Governor Patterson is thinking long and hard about who he will appoint to fill Hillary's Senate seat. Patterson's reelection chances in my opinion will bank on how he handles the states' budge problem and who he picks as Hillary's replacement.

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