Sunday, May 16, 2010

Jim Staudenraus is a Neocon

While doing some research on the Republican challengers to Schumer's reelection bid, I came across Jim Staudenraus. While reading his platform he had a section dedicated to Isreal and these snippets caught my eye;

"And if you stand up to evil, you are yourself an extremist". Israel correctly perceives that the regime in Tehran is serious in their threats to "wipe Israel off the map'. As Israel's ally we cannot ignore the seriousness of the Iranian threat."

Ok that's Israel's problem, not the problem of the American Tax Payer. Last time I checked Israel wasn't a nation with a third rate military. Their military is one of the most powerful in the world and the most powerful in that region.

"The Obama Administration's policy of "engaging" the regime in Iran has utterly failed. Continued sanctions against the Iranian regime are utterly worthless."

So a third war that we just flush our hard earned money into is the answer? How well are those other two doing?

"Sanctions may make the Obama Administration and some in Congress feel better, but sanctions will only provide Iran with additional time to pursue development of
the nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles they seek to use agaist Israel." when did Israel become a US state?

I'm always amused how neocons try to make Israel's problems, our problems. Hell I had conservatives tell me in the election that Obama was going to flush all our money into Africa. Which is wrong, but when you mention of cutting aid to Israel and the rest of the world for that matter, your called a terrorist, Anti-Semite (despite Arabs are also Semites) and the like. Pardon me for being consistent on fiscal policy. It's become high time to dump socialism at all levels and that includes the military socialism that conservatives like Staudenraus support.

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