Friday, May 14, 2010

Identity Politics yet again....oy!

Ah another identity politics rant by my favorite Paleocon, Pat Buchanan. Raw Story reports on Buchanan shooting off his mouth again because of the identity of Obama's Supreme Court Elena Kagan being Jewish which apparently means there are too many jews on the highest court of the land. The irony of it all is that Paleconservatives are always complaining about identity politics and how it "destroys" America. It's not like there are other things to attack this woman on; she has problems with the First and Second Amendments or perhaps that the woman has no judicial experience. Perhaps that's too difficult for Pat.

Of course Kagan isn't the first person to have her identity focused on in regards to a high political position. If people paid more attention to Obama's positions instead of this stupid crap of him being a Muslim or a secret Kenyan he probably wouldn't have been elected.

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