Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Scratch Steve Levy off the Pro Liberty Column

If you follow the blog of political dirty trickster Roger Stone, today he wrote about the happenings within the New York Republicans and the Governors race. His comments towards Blue Dog Democrat turn Republican Steve Levy aren't kind describe him as anti-second amendment. Now I wouldn't call Stone a liar but since Stone is currently helping Kristen Davis' campaign for Governor I had to get confirmation. I had emailed the New York State Rifle &
Pistol Association
(New York's biggest second amendment organization) to see what Levy's gun record had been. According to Jacob J. Rieper, Vice President of Legislative
& Political Affairs, Levy had received an F when he served in the State Assembly and only improved somewhat as Suffolk County Executive.

Bottom line Levy is another political opportunist taking advantage of the broad anti-statist movement. He was quite crafty about it, meeting with Republican leadership to show the people that he is about state and not party, then changes his affiliation from Democrat to Republican. Levy should be nowhere near Albany, the state has had enough of gun grabbers, regardless of the outcome of the Chicago case currently going on in the Supreme Court. So currently as it stands only three candidates remain on the pro gun side Warren Redlich, Kirsten Davis (which both are fighting for the Libertarian nomination) and Tea Party candidate Carl Paladino.

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  1. Actually I'm from Suffolk County and Levy fought to keep the one of the few shooting ranges open on LI (in Yaphank). It's basically the last one (including all of NYC), so thousands and thousands of New Yorkers use it. He knows it's a basic right, and that to keep it, you need a shooting range for people who are gun sportsmen. Without his support, it probably would have been shut down.