Monday, June 10, 2013

Conservatives and Foot Baths

The funniest thing about the conservative outrage is their cries of "sharia law" engulfing the U.S. It's really a boy who cried wolf act for the conservative movement.

Conservative Michael Haltman of The Political Commentator who I found through Freedoms Phoenix afternoon email.  (What? You think I would waste my time in actually looking for conservative blogs?) Seems to be angry or at the very least annoyed that airports in New York City and San Francisco are installing foot baths for Muslim cab drivers and why aren't Christians accommodated for their religion at airports. He also puts up a video of a rant from some guy in Brooklyn who doesn't address the point (not that I though the said ranter was going to anyway).

Conservatives point to actions such as these as "proof" (along with state court houses removing the 10 Commandments) that sharia is slowly creeping into U.S. society and that "it must be stopped!" The problem conservatives fail to see or choose to ignore is public property. Garry Reed of explained this in regards to the idiotic "War on Christmas". If these airports were actual private and not under the crony capitalist relationship they are currently "issues" like these wouldn't matter. Since then conservatives could then spend their money at airports that have crosses, bibles, banners that say: Support Israel and such. However despite the many times conservatives have had power to clear that they have no problem with public property as long as they're the ones in charge of it.

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