Saturday, April 13, 2013

Anger at Public Schools

Yahoo reports of an Arizona father being pissed that his son had written on a paper that he (the child) was willing to give up his rights for security. For anyone who supports individuals rights the father's anger is fully justified.

However as the cynic that I am, one must wonder if Harvey (who is most likely a conservative) actually is against the national security state as his anger suggests or is he another who just likes to pick and choose on which forms of statism he wants to be against. Conservatives love getting angry (and justifiably so) when the state wants to crack down on gun ownership but when it comes other arms of the state such as the Patriot Act and the Drug War they welcome it with open arms. Of course if a libertarian tells a conservative to look in the mirror when they complain about the overbearing reaches of the state that they helped create the denounce them as Lew Rockwell has pointed out. 

Perhaps Harvey should also ask the question why the government should be providing education in the first place.

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