Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The basic differences between Liberals, Conservatives and Libertarians

Credit goes to Lawerence Vance of lewrockwell.com for posting it on his blog

Libertarian: The government's sole function is the protection of private property. There are very few persons who adhere to this philosophy. A few with this philosophy waste much of their time trying to convince others to believe the same. They won't succeed.

Conservative: The government needs to be all powerful, and to support our morality and way of life. Nothing is beyond its grasp. Government power is god given through the constitution, the 10 commandments, and biblical scripture. No other proof is necessary. This is the white-man's burden.

Liberal: The government needs to take from anyone who has more that someone else and make us all equal. We need the government to take care of the young, the old, and middle aged and to promote love between one another. This we know from our heart.

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