Friday, September 7, 2012

Another Phony Libertarian Leaves the Party

A little faith has been restored for those who are trying restore liberty in the Libertarian Party. has reported that Wayne Allyn Root is quitting the Libertarian Party and will be running for the US Senate as a Republican. His farewell letter has been published on independent political report for those who wish to read it.

All I can say is good riddance, since after the 2008 election, Root has been nothing but a conservative kiss ass. While Ron Paul never stopped preaching his message of liberty and peace, Root stayed away from topics that ruffled conservative feathers like our moronic foreign policy. Thus Root became another person in the guise of Neal Boortz and Eric Dondero, one who calls himself a libertarian to show that one is anti-establishment but when shows their true colors when faced with the tough issues. Granted to be fair I've yet to read any libertarian writer who actually considers Dondero anything other than a soft neoconservative. With Root finally gone, LP leadership has a chance to actually have a libertarian in a leadership position. The attempts to woo conservatives (and liberals for that matter) has failed, there are just some people that can't be reached and LP leadership has to see this.

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