Monday, August 16, 2010

A letter from Libertarian Candidate Chris Cantwell

This letter from Chris Cantwell who is running for New York's 1st Congressional District. I thought it bears repeating

Dear Neocons, Leftists, and other statists,

I write to you today about the word Liberty, and your misuse of it. We
Libertarians have been plagued for decades by your hijacking of our
words and ideas. It seems that the lower left and lower right portions
of the political spectrum which take turns ruling over the people of
this country, accidentally find themselves speaking of Liberty
whenever out of power, only to thrust further controls upon us once in
power. I am writing this letter to demand that you cease and desist.

Once upon a time, Liberalism was about about freedom and smaller
government. Many Libertarians actually call themselves "Classical
Liberals" still today. But at some point Liberal came to mean being
Liberal with other peoples money, which is as far from Liberty as one
can get. Seeing as to how rights derive from property, you can hardly
liberate someone by depriving them of property. And seeing as to how
one can only be as free as one is self reliant, it is equally absurd
to think that one can be liberated by receiving money from the
government. We've given up on Liberalism, you leftists can keep the
word now, you have tarnished its meaning to the point that it is no
longer useful to us.

So then Conservatism was coined as the word for smaller government and
more Liberty, and boy oh boy wasn't that great. But then the rabid
right wing Christian social tyrants, and warmongering statists, needed
a place to go to build their power base, and so the meaning of the
word conservative became diminished to what we who love Liberty now
call Neocon. You can keep Conservatism for yourselves, it has now
become a dirty thing which we want no part of, with one caveat. We
would request that Neocons who call themselves "Constitutional
Conservatives" but support war, unreasonable search and seizure, gun
control, social security, and other unconstitutional things, drop the
Constitutional part until they actually support constitutional

With the emergence of the "Tea Party Movement" once again, you
statists have stolen from us. This idea began with the Ron Paul
campaign, and was continued in 2008 by the Libertarian Party while
George Bush was still in office. But you have now begun to call it
your own, claiming that it began in 2009 in Setauket, NY. You have
claimed it to represent war, torture, unreasonable search & seizure,
denial of jury trials, defense of medicare, defense of social
security, the patriot act, and so horrid many acts of statist
aggression that we can barely bring ourselves to speak with you. Once
again, we're going to let you keep it, you've rendered it meaningless
by merging with the Republican party establishment, and supporting
rampant out of control statism and big government, we have no more use
for it.

But the worst part is, you called it Liberty. You called yourselves
Libertarians. This we will not tolerate, this time we're keeping our

Libertarians REJECT all invasions of privacy, like the Arizona SB1070
"Show me your papers" act, Red light cameras, highway checkpoints, the
Patriot Act, and all your other statist violations of our
constitutionally protected liberties.

Libertarians REJECT your assertions that it is the role of government
to intervene in peoples sexual and romantic relationships, or to
infringe on their right to contract in marriage.

Libertarians REJECT your protection of unconstitutional socialist
programs like Social Security, and Medicare, as taking from the young
to give to the old is every bit as wrong as taking from the rich to
give to the poor.

Libertarians REJECT racial profiling just as much as affirmative
action, because they are the same thing.

Libertarians REJECT your efforts to suppress religious establishments,
especially to violate property rights through the abuse of eminent
domain to do so.

Libertarians REJECT your assertions that America is a Christian
nation, knowing instead that in reality, America is a geographic
location wherein more than 300,000,000 sovereign individuals have
their own thoughts and beliefs, and a secular government exists to
protect the rights of those sovereign individuals.

Libertarians REJECT your efforts to destroy our criminal justice
system by denying the right of trial by jury.

Libertarians REJECT your unjust, unconstitutional, unnecessary, wars
of choice and aggression. There was never any just cause to invade
Iraq, and you have murdered over a million people there in our name,
shaming our entire country for generations to come. There may be
disagreements on whether we should have invaded Afghanistan after
9/11, but what is certain is that there is NO JUSTIFICATION for our
continued aggressions there. Liberty is fully incompatible with wars
of this nature, as all initiation of force is fully repugnant to all
things good and just.

For these reasons and others we demand that anyone who supports these
acts of statist aggression cease and desist to use the words Liberty
or Libertarian in describing themselves or their cause, and also
demand that they admit openly that they do not support our
Constitution, seeking instead to destroy it. We are sick of changing
our name to disassociate ourselves from your statism, racism,
disregard for rights of property, and disregard for our Constitution.

We would provide to you however, some suggestions for what to call
yourselves next, so that there will be no confusion and you might keep
your name for decades to come. Racism, Statism, Totalitarianism,
Stalinism, Socialism, Communism, Warmongering, or any combination of
those would do, but perhaps if you want to make it sound nice, just
call it Democracy.

Personally, we'll be working on restoring the republic.

In Liberty,
Chris Cantwell

If you wish to know more about Cantwell and his candidacy here is his website

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