Sunday, August 1, 2010

Capitalism Works!

Cuba is starting to understand granted very slowly that for-profit markets are what keep people employed and happy. Today Raul Castro decided that his government is going to start issuing licenses in order to start private businesses to help the nations staggering economy.

The government "agreed to broaden the exercise of self employment and its use as another alternative for the employment of those excess workers," Castro said during a biannual session of the National Assembly.

He went on to say that the government would eliminate "numerous" prohibitions to the granting of licenses for private businesses and to the sales of some products, as well as "make the contracting of a work force more flexible."

No doubt that interventionists will use this to show that the embargo is working (no matter the cost to innocent Cubans) when in reality the embargo is a Cold War relic. Fidel uses the embargo as a propaganda tool to keep Cubans in line and nothing more. Capitalism would've taken root years ago if not for the embargo being placed on that country. Nevertheless this is good news for the Cuban people.

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