Saturday, November 9, 2013

Conservative Sacred Cows

Fighting for real liberty is an ever daunting task. One such tasks is taking on sacred cows of various political movements. Besides the bullshit that is organized religion one of the biggest sacred cows of the conservative movement is the military. Thomas DiLorenzo of praises Ken Blackstone's comments in regards to the national anthem being played at various sporting events on ESPN.

Clicking on the YouTube link and you see the predicable and same old comments from conservative military jock sniffers. However it does get better as Mr. DiLorenzo did post one of the responses he got from a conservative statist (is that redundant?):

“Screw you.  Thank GOD you’re in the ignorant minority.  There will always be the ANTHEM at sporting events, ESPN’s 2 foolish so-called sport analysts will pay for their stupid comments.”

If your interested in sending this statist hate mail, his email was posted on the blog post as well. It's amusing when you see reactions from conservatives. Why? Conservatives correctly reject political correctness but whenever someone has a different view in regards to things that they worship they break down and act emotionally to those criticisms. Such as Mr. Amick's letter or rant towards Mr. DiLorenzo. In other words they behave like liberals. Such reactions to criticisms level against the military (along with criticisms against the police for that matter) separate the real liberty lovers from those who only praise liberty in order to control the boots of the state themselves to use for their own statist means.

I also recommend this older article from Laurence Vance when another conservative attacked him for daring challenging the conservative sacred cow.

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