Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Republican Party wants your help to learn from it's mistakes

So the Republican Party once again trotting out the predicable line that happens when they lose an election; they're ready to learn from their mistakes. According to this piece they're taking suggestions on how to rebuild the Republican Conservative brand and they have their own website set up for people to leave suggestions. Of course most libertarians know that this is just a dog and pony show that liberals and conservatives run when they lose.

However if someone from the RNC task force stumbles upon my soap box here are my suggestions to get voters to vote for them;

1. Reject statism in all it's forms which includes both Neoconservatism and Paleoconservatism

2. End all foreign alliances and entanglements which would include but not limited to the United Nations, NATO, OAS, etc

2a. Close all US military bases that are on foreign soil and bring all military personnel from said bases back to the US

3. End all foreign aid immediately, no weening period just cut the cord and be done with it

4. End the drug war. History shows that alcohol prohibition failed miserably, the drug war is no different. You can't say that gun control doesn't work while at the same time openly supporting the drug war since they both rely on the same "principals"

5. Repeal, SOPA, the Patriot Act and other arms of the national security state

6. End the federal minimum wage

7. End immunity laws for those in law enforcement who are caught abusing civil liberties of citizens

8. Support the real free market by ending government subsidies, federal licensing mandates, etc

9. End not just cut all taxes across the board

10.  End the TSA, DHS, remove government security from transporation hubs and allow the owners of the various airlines to provide their own security

11. End eminent domain. This is nothing but legalized theft and has to stop. If a property owner doesn't want to sell his land than the state has no legal authority to take it

There are plenty more suggestions that the RNC task force can actually use but I figure these 11 would be a nice start. Not that they would actually use them mind you

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