Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Campaign for Liberty Ditching Foreign Policy?

As per a post on Tom Woods' blog

A friend writes:
My source was a participant at the C4L annual cadre training meeting in Florida last week:  John Tate and Mike Rothfeld were featured and at the final full session Tate emphasized, without any real explanation, that C4L was to have nothing to do with foreign policy. It will only deal with domestic issues like audit the fed and will be supporting the Rand Paul agenda. Wead, Hunter, Benton and Tate are all already enlisted in the effort and are on the Rand PAC’s payroll.

Obviously there would have to be more evidence to show that Campaign for Liberty is giving up a key pillar in libertarian philosophy. However with what has happened in C4L over the course of the election cycle in regards to Benton and other C4L leaders it doesn't surprise me. Adam Kokesh has covered C4L slow erosion of libertarian principals here, here and here.

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