Friday, May 13, 2011

Abortions and Insurance

As someone who is actually pro-life unlike those who pretend to value human life, I find abortion disgusting and repugnant. This article with Kansas set to sign into law that prohibits insurance companies to cover abortions, bothers me abit. Now with my limited understanding of the health insurance industry, abortion has always been considered under there eyes "cosmetic" type surgery which most insurance companies don't cover at all. Usually if some one wants laser eye surgery or liposuction they have to pay for said operations themselves, unless such surgeries are viewed as the only option by a doctor.

This part threw me for a loop

Supporters of the bill said it looks after the interests of employers opposed to having abortions covered by insurance they subsidize. Opponents such as Nash said abortion is an important medical procedure that should be covered like anything else.

This is just another case of government paternalism. I would think Kansas business owners have the ability to decide for themselves to not deal with a particular insurance agent if said agent supplies coverage for abortions. If one can successfully run a business, I would think that such a decision would be as simple as flipping a coin. As it stands, abortion is legal in Kansas so this could go to court under the fact that the government is prohibiting private insures to cover a procedure that is current a legal procedure.

Abortion should only be legal in cases of rape and related crimes (even though I'm very reluctant to even support that) and not tax payer funded. The pro-life fight should be fought at the state level via the 10th Amendment (defunding planned parenthood, cutting tax payer fiance, and ultimately banning it at the state level) but strong arming the private sector like this is certainly not a way to go about it.

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