Monday, June 21, 2010

A Libertarian Republican in 2012?

Today Dr. Paul in the Daily Caller said that he believes that the Republicans will be more open to a Libertarian candidate taking on Obama.

This year, libertarian-Republican candidates for the U.S. Senate — like Paul’s son Rand Paul in Kentucky and Sharron Angle in Nevada — have won Republican primaries with the help of the Tea Party support. Noting the “big libertarian influence in the Tea Party movement,” Paul says libertarian beliefs are making their way into the lexicon of traditional Republicans.

“I think even the issue of the Federal Reserve — that issue is almost mainstream,” he said. “And I think things have shifted because of the financial crisis as well as the bogging down of our foreign policy. So the American people are looking for some different answers.”

It should be noted that while everyone is talking the fiscal talk there is a slim few who actually back it up. Also Rand Paul seems to favor a interventionist foreign policy a complete 180 from his father's position. Granted majority of the Tea Party movement seems to either be interested in keeping the insane status quo or not mention foreign policy at all.

Dr. Paul also mentions that former New Mexican Governor Gary Johnson is one he could support. Personally I've been following Johnson for awhile and he fits Dr. Paul's mold quite nicely. He seems to be the only one at this point in the current sea of Neocon hopefuls.

Do I wish for a true Libertarian (in which one who practices what he preaches, not who panders just to get votes) in the White House? Oh absolutely but lets focus on 2010 first and make sure we don't go bankrupt before 2012.

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