Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Change the culture

It's only the first week and fellow Mets fans are already facepalming. Normally I would just be content with the thought of it being the first week but we couldn't even put the Nationals away. The Nationals are one of the worst teams in the league when it comes to championships. They have one title and thats the 1984 National League East title. So when your team can't even beat them you know something is wrong.

Of course that something has been for at least the past two years. The last title the Mets captured was the 2006 NL East title. Some say thats only a three year playoff/championship drought but it doesn't seem like the team wants to improve. ESPN reported during offseason that the Mets were the biggest spender in the National League. Ok fine, what happened to that spending when Matt Holliday was a free agent? We had a chance to get one of the hottest free agents in the NL and apparently Minaya wanted to be a tight wad. Not to take away from Jason Bay, but Holliday would've been a great addition to the team. Which leads me to my next point; You can only blame the players so much. You can have a solid team but it means jack if your management can't run the team effectively.

Jerry Manuel and Omar Minaya were able to save their skin with the fact that the team got destroyed by injuries. As I said, the players can only be blamed for so much. Not only do the Mets need good players but Management needs a change too. As much as I hate the Yankees, they know how to run a team. In the Bronx, management has a one and done policy. You don't win, see you later. Fred Wilpon needs to light a fire through the entire organization, and do it now. It's not just the Mets that can learn from the Yankees, the Rangers, the Nets, and the Knicks as well. All four of these teams continue to keep bad management around and do nothing about it. The Jets learned, by getting a new coach and a new quarterback. Granted this past season the overall record didn't improve but the team got to the AFC title game which we haven't done in since the 98 season.

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