Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ron Paul confirms our fears?

Today Ron Paul had confirmed what I had been concerned with for awhile; a Neoconservative take over of his movement. I’ve been skeptical of this since Glenn Beck’s so called conversion to Libertarianism but I’m glad I’m not the only one who was seeing this. Although Beck isn’t the only one, there are plenty of Conservative statists who all of a sudden found their liberty roots the day Obama took office.

My suspicion came about when I saw virtually no mention of foreign policy in most of the MSN covered Tea Parties. Paul has said which is supported with hard facts that our disastrous foreign policy combined with our economic polices are the main reasons why our nation is such in bad shape. Some argue that the lack of mention of foreign policy is to co-exist with Conservatives. Co-exist typically means power sharing not taking over and expecting us to sit down and keep quiet. Sure they agree with us in fiscal policy but addressing only half the problem will only result in a lackluster fix. With the exception of Pat Buchanan what MSM conservatives have openly criticized our foreign policy? The only other conservative that comes to mind is George Will and I would put him in the somewhat column. The truth of the matter is that the bulk of MSM and talk radio conservatives still openly support mindless war no matter what the cost. It’s not even being touted as a Liberty movement; I’ve heard it called a Populist Conservative movement. What is Populist Conservativism? Is it Military and Police Socialism?

Sadly it seems that the Neocons are winning; the election of Scott Brown, Palin being trotted as the new Conservative messiah and the three primary challengers to Paul’s reelection. Currently those are the three I can think of at the top of my head. With the midterm elections in November we cannot afford to be silent for the sake of unity. The Socialist Left and the Neocon Right won’t go quietly so we will have to fight them at every turn. November will be the pop quiz for our movement, we cannot afford to fail or we will be back were we started in 2012.

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