Friday, May 15, 2009

Obamaism the new Third Way

I'm never a person that likes to throw ad hom attacks around unless they actually fit and unfortunately the current one being thrown at the clown and chief is very inaccurate. Let me start out by saying that Soviet Communism is dead and buried. Even Putin with his love for old days of the Union and Stalin knows that Communism has failed in addition the remaining Soviet strongholds in the world are seeing that fact as well, with Cuba being the last one waking up to that fact.

Yes Socialist and Communist are great buzzwords to get people riled up but if you stop and think it's not really a good way to describe Obama. Let us not forget that the Hammer and Sickle aren't the only totalitarian ideologies on the block. Lets take the nationalization Obama and his crew have done. Now under a Socialist President, a government stooge would've been put in as CEO to run these companies and that the management and its board of directors know that they are no longer running the show. In it's current state, the illusion is still there that they (the CEO, board of directors, management,etc) are running it and the government is just being a "watchful eye". This kind of action is not socialism, its government run capitalism which also has another name which is called Fascism. Although if you really want to go down to the true nitty gritty, socialism and fascism have alot of simliar characteristics despite the extreme hatred the ideologies have for each other.

It also wouldn't be fair to label him a fascist either since Fascism requires alot of ultranationalism. Obama fails in this characteristic in his trip to Latin America and his bowing to the Saudi King. Obama in my opinion seeks to believe in the third way of politics, he wishes to have it both ways. Populist might be a better term but even populism would be too board. I would have to say that Obama is creating an American version of Peronism. Peronism was the ideology of former Argentinian Dictator Juan Perón. Peron believed that capitalism wasn't bad per say but just needed some roughing up a bit which unfortunately for the Argentinian economy lasted from 1946 to 1955.

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