Sunday, April 5, 2009

Obama calls for a nuke free world? Say what?

My foreign policy views are pretty simple, walk softly and carry a big gun. In our case our big guns are our nuclear weapons. Since the days of the Soviet Union, nuclear disarmament has always been a hot topic. Many people agree that the destructive force of nuclear weapons is gigantic. Those who argue against them believe that if every enough of them were launched it could possibly exterminate all life on Earth. While a legitimate concern, the talk of a nuke free world in today's times is unrealistic.

With Kim Jong Ill giving it another go at joining the nuclear club the weapons debate has been renewed. President Obama called for a nuclear weapons free world in Europe. Like Bush, Obama fails to understand why does North Korea and in this case Iran as well want nuclear weapons? There is a saying out there that goes "Nuclear countries don't get invaded." It's a pretty accurate statement, nobody, no matter how ballsy they think they are will invade Russia, China, Britain, France, India, Pakistan and of course our own nation without rising having a nuclear missile dropped in their capital for retaliation. Iran and North Korea believe (or at least try to get their people to believe) that we want to invade them and change the leadership in those countries. While some here wish we do just that, most of us believe that it's not in the country's' best interest to start a third war.

I never bought into the loads a crap that I heard in regards to Obama handing the nation over to Bin Laden. I didn't think Obama was going to stop the empire building, since all he is doing is taking troops from Iraq and planting them in Afghanistan. So much for change in our foreign policy. Obama calling for nuclear disarmament is a serious and scary thing. Our nukes are what keep our big enemies from trying anything stupid. Of course this could be just empty rhetoric just to impress the Europeans, only time will tell.

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