Friday, January 28, 2011

Libertarians are Right Wing?

One of the advantages or disadvantages (depending on how you look at it) to being a libertarian is that liberals and conservatives accuse of us of being the other.

Daily Dish blogger Andrew Sullivan had nominated Lew Rockwell of all people for the Michelle Malkin award. Now what in anyone's political mind who actually pays attention and not just repeats sound bites would think Lew Rockwell and Michelle Malkin are the same stripe? Is it just the repeated myth that Libertarians and Conservatives are the same or is it Sullivan's plain ignorance (either on purpose or not) of both ideologies? If Sullivan and those who share his view on this subject would do some simple research, they would come to the quick realization that libertarians and conservatives are completely different.

Conservatives firmly stand for the following;

1. National Security State/Police Socialism (TSA, Patriot Act, Drug War, etc)
2. Military Keynesianism (current foreign policy, bases all over the world, etc)
3. Morality legislation

However in no way this exempts liberals, since they support both of these concepts as well. They just disguise it enough so their supporters can't catch on. In reality liberals and Conservatives stand for the same thing with the only difference is that Conservatives mask it in the collectivist concept of organized religion in order to justify it. Rockwell and company have spoken out and continue to speak out against these actions since day one. Unlike conservatives who only pay lip service to the ideas of privatizing social security, cutting and phasing out entitlements, actually letting, stopping government thuggery, people keep more of their money among others. Libertarian Ron Paul is the only one as usual who practices and acts on what he preaches. So if liberals really wanna criticize us, they should really do some research before lumping us with their red statist kin.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Politics and Sports

One of my biggest pet peeves is seeing sports and politics mix, whether it's athletes making statements on a hot button issue the rabble rousing over the 2008 Olympics in China or Major League Baseball debating about hosting the All Star game in Arizona due to it's immigration law.

With Martin Luther King day coming up on the 17th, ESPN goes into it's yearly event of talking to prominent black athletes and leaders during the civil rights era. In addition posting various polls on how white and black fans react to certain players and situations. ESPN tries to be non-controversial when discussing issues of race when they present themselves however bringing an asshole like Jesse Jackson is just a completely wrong move. Yes, Jackson was in Dr. King's inner circle but there is a huge difference between the Jackson of that era and the Jackson that we know today. For years Jesse Jackson has used Dr. King's legacy to line his own wallet and his own personal agenda. Dr. King would be turning in his grave if he saw what Jackson alongside Al Sharpton has done over the years. They have no intention of letting character dictate what a person is, it's skin color in their minds and nothing more.

I would be just as equally annoyed if conservative news outlets brought on Pat Buchanan of all people in an MLK discussion. Since just like Sharpton and Jackson, Buchanan and others like him Frosty Wooldridge being an example look for race whenever they can. One pair looks for racism at every corner while the other looks for affirmative action.