Monday, November 23, 2009

New hopes dashed....yet again

Once again when it looks like to be a promising season the Jets once again disappoint. Last nights loss to the Patriots pretty much crushed the hopes of getting into the AFC wild card game. It seemed that the Jets had a chance to pull an upset in the fourth quarter since they did have possession at the start of the fourth but with the two interceptions Sanchez threw all hopes were lost. After the second interception I turned off the TV in disgust. The remaining games in the season won't be a cake walk with the last two being with the currently undefeated Colts and the currently hot Bengals. As I see it now, the season will end with a loss as opposed to a 9 and 7 as some were predicting and will follow the path of the Mets (who have their own host of problems), starting out hot in the beginning but crash and burn from midway point to the end. Coach Ryan needs to stop making excuses, stop the taunting and just start coaching. Ryan was brought into the Jets because of his great work when he was defensive coordinator for the Ravens. Of course not all the blame can be on Coach Ryan, Sanchez deserves a nice healthy part as well, especially after last night. In the NFL you have to get your sea legs quick or your going to bomb. Sanchez himself needs to stop making excuses and quit showing so much emotion after a bad play. He may not realize it but it does have an affect on other players.

However my entire 2009 sports season isn't all that bad with the Giants picking up a win last night and the Devils are in second place but right behind the Penns.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Albany has been spared from Giuliani for now

According to the New York Times, sources close to Giuliani say that he will not seek the Republican primary for New York Governor. While there is somethings I like about Rudy, there is plenty I disagree with him on. During the 2008 Presidental campaign Rudy's authoritarian/neoconservative streak was too much for my taste. When he implied during the debates that Ron Paul was on the side of the terrorists for his pointing out the fatal flaws in our foreign policy it was the last straw. Granted it didn't surprise me one bit since that is the typical M.O. of the neoconservatives and their supporters when you try to have a "debate" about our foreign policy. However in the same article he has not ruled out if he will run against Gillibrand for the Senate seat or not.

Some may translate this as support for Paterson and I will tell you right now it's not. Paterson as well as Schumer and Gillibrand need to go as well, granted Paterson seemed to have taken his job more seriously than the two that represent New York in the Senate. The fact that Obama and New York Democrats tried to urge him to not to run for a full term makes him look more respectable compared to some of other so-called leaders. Nevertheless Albany is broken and has been for quite a long time but replacing a liberal-moderate statist with a conservative-moderate statist is not the answer.

New York Times Article